Malvern Hills Conservators Map Book

The bound map sheets of the 1920’s ‘map book’ showing land owned or the responsibility of the Malvern Hills Conservators are now available as a seamless geo-rectified and geo-referenced single map. The individual digitised maps (as produced on the DVD last year) have been geo-referenced and digitally stitched as a continuous map image maintaining the original image resolution, which uncompressed is several 10's of Gbytes in size. For importing and displaying in the MHC GIS, this image has been split into 24 contiguous 2km x 2km OS grid tiles compressed as ecw files named (for example) SO7442.ecw, SO7642.ecw etc. Download the map key here [5Mb] or view zoomable version here. These 24 ecw files can be downloaded as a single zip file (133 Mbytes) here and accessed within GIS either as an ‘external image library’ or imported ‘en masse’ as individual image components, in either case this produces a seamless GIS image layer. The uncompressed GeoTIFF versions of these 2km x 2km tiles are available if required (total = 11 Gbytes). These images can be placed on a map server and synchronised with, say, Google Earth or other web map data.

As an example, click here to view square SO7642 (Upper Colwall to Malvern Wells) zoomable and synchronised (selectable) side by side with the air photo + digital OS map. Similarly to view larger areas of the hills in three sections as below click the links West&Great MalvernColwall&WellandCastlemorton&Ragged Stone Hill.

Allow time to load and render to full resolution if slow connection. Synchronisation can be switched on or off. ‘Home’ or back browser arrow to return

The historic air photos are being given similar treatment and should available mid March.

Map, air photo and LIDAR image gallery here