Moccas Court Parkland Plan

The final report: Moccas Court Parkland Plan July 2013 as a docx file [59Mbytes],  as a pdf file [17Mbytes]

Recommendation maps 19, 20 and 21 of the report split the plan area into three and are printed as folded A3 in the hard copy so as not to loose detail. To avoid the pagination annoyances of mixing A4 and A3 pages in a single document, the above digital versions are all A4. High resolution jpg files of maps 19, 20 and 21 can be downloaded individually:  map19map20map21

Grid references and data table of the trees surveyed in GIS formats (Shape and MapInfo files) and xlsx file here

Similarly, the locations of the recommended new parkland trees to be planted here

  Both are zipped to bind the multiple the folders and files [not because they are large - they are very small]

Archaeophysica Castle site report here [8 Mbytes]

Archaeophysica Meres and Sluice report here [1 Mbyte]

Map, airphoto and LIDAR sequences whose components can be downloaded as high res images:

Map and air photo sequence for Moccas and Monnington RPG here

Map and air photo sequence for Moccas estate scheme area here

Map, air photo and LIDAR sequence for the northern area here

Map, air photo and LIDAR sequence for the central area including the Little Park here

Map and air photo sequence for the Little Park in close up here

Map, air photo and LIDAR sequence for the southern area including the Meres, Great Paddock and Foresythe fields here

Effect of raising the restored sluice gate on water levels in the Meres from LIDAR levels  here

Culvert and carrier route map from Gilman 2003 sequence and close up here

Close up on the Moccas castle site: map, LIDAR, air photo and survey sequence  here

Landscape panoramas, tree gallery mosaic and aerial photograph

Panoramas from nine locations, click here

  Mouse over red arrows on hot spot map then click for the panorama at that location. Pan and zoom with mouse/wheel, keyboard arrow keys or panorama icons. For full screen experience click the bottom left icon of each panorama; ESC to revert; browser back arrow return to location map.

Zoomable tree gallery mosaic here

Zoomable air photo 2009 of the Moccas Registered Park and Garden. 25cm resolution here

  These all require a resonably fast connection to work smoothly and AdobeFlash & Javascript, on most computers, but occasionally may have to be enabled.

Single files for download:

Ownership and plan scope map here

Current land use in scheme area here

Plan area parcel names here

Plan area parcels numbers here

Stand details from the 1953 census of woods here

Cornewall vs Davenant et al. 1691 Chancery case. First known document with land use detail on the estate here Seeoriginal

Previous documents:

Moccas Court Stewardship scheme 2004  here

Moccas Court Ecological Survey October 2003 here

Historic Environment Record [HER] as supplied to the Cross End Farm FEP 2011 here

Hydrology of Moccas Park February 2003 here

Hydrology of Moccas Park February 2003 map 2  here

Hydrology of Moccas Park February 2003 map 5  here

Moccas Court Archaeology Survey 2003 here

Meres Sluice Archaeology Survey 2003 here