Holme Lacy Park HLMP

Holme Lacy final report 27 August: docx here [30 Mbytes] and pdf  here [14 Mbytes]

The map images embedded in the above report are necessarily low resolution to keep the file size down while being OK for printing at A3. However people may like to have access to the high resolution versions on their own systems. Maps 1 to 10 can therefore to downloaded from the following links (right click, save as):

Map 1Map 2Map 3Map 4aMap 4bMap 4cMap 5Map 6Map 7Map 8Map 9Map 10

Historic Environment Record (HER) result of consultation, xls file here

New parkland trees to the planted during the HLS period: species, of location & parcel number, xlsx file here

General map and air photo sequence here

Bowling green and pavilion/summer house/cider cellar here

The kennels here

Newly recorded yew in the park here

Zoomable 2009 air photo here [mouse wheel enabled; click lower right icon for full screen, ESC to return]

Side by side zoomable comparison maps, APs and LIDAR with optional synchronisation for

2009 air photo, 1946 air photo, 25 inch to mile 1886 OS and LIDAR with the following combinations:

1886 vs 2009   here

1946 vs 2009   here

1946 vs 1886   here

LIDAR vs 2009  here

LIDAR vs 1886  here

Photos from visit 31st May 2013  here

Panoramic images: [mouse enabled, for full screen click bottom left icon, autopan click forward button bottom left]

From Holme Lacy House north over Wilsley Meadow here

From Holme Lacy House south towards the Deer Barn Park and post WWII plantations here

From Holme Lacy House east and south over the pool here

From the tryst oak south and east to the post WWII plantations here

From the top of the Deer Barn Park looking north then east over compartments 6f, 6g and 6h  here

From Deer Barn Park looking north then east over Apostles Wood here

West Park from the green lane panning north and east here

West Park open area looking north over the former northern boundary towards Holme Lacy here

West Park from the north looking east at an unfenced compartment adjacent to, and to the right of, the fenced compartment [10c]  here

Location map for panoramic and static images here

Stand details from the 1953 census of woods here

Holme Lacy estate accounts 1697 to 1702, selected extracts here

Brief for a Supplement to the Holme Lacy Park, January 2013 here

Holme Lacy Park Historic landscape management plan 2003 here

Holme Lacy Estate Woodlands EWGS contract 2011  here

Holme Lacy Estate Woodlands EWGS compartment schedule here

Holme Lacy College Woodlands Management Plan 2010 here