Clanger wood

GPS located panoramas (22 May 2013), historic air photo sequences from 1946 and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scans.

Panoramic images

Location map for panoramic images here. 

Panoramas are mouse and arrow enabled, for full screen click bottom left icon and press keyboard "esc" for off, browser back arrow to return

Direct links to individual panoramas below:

Panorama 1 ST 87331 54097  here

Panorama 2 ST 87352 54442  here

Panorama 3 ST 87616 54005  here

Panorama 4 ST 87925 54301  here

Panorama 5 ST 87855 54245  here

Note: panorama 5 suffered from a faulty exposure so detail is lacking

Historic air photo sequences and LIDAR and high resolution versions of each image can be downloaded to your system.

Clanger wood 1946 to 2009 with LIDAR here

Wider countryside around and to the north of Clanger Wood 1946 to 2009  here

Close up of selected parts of the wood 1946 to 2009  here

Side by side zoomable and synchonised comparison air photos 1946, 1971 and 2009

Allow time to load and render to full resolution if slow connection. Synchronisation can be switched on or off. Back browser arrow to return

1946 vs 1971  here

1946 vs 2009  here

1971 vs 2009  here