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also landscape research, data sources & the Herefordshire Ancient Woodland Inventory (AWI) revision

Herefordshire Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G)

Digital methods presentation to the 2018 Tree Archaeology conference 17th May here [85 Mbytes]

As I was advocating using primary archive material often in medieval Latin here are some worked examples

Digital methods presentation to the 2017 Ancient Tree Forum conference Epping Forest 13th July here [210 Mbytes]

Herefordshire FOSS4G resources notes May 2018 here

Resources for Herefordshire countryside research May 2018 here

The countryside designations map (MAGIC)here

Example files for QGIS learning: Herefordshire county, parish and ancient woodland polygons, 10k grid squares and some simple style files + a basic gazetteer background raster. Download and unzip here [17 Mbytes]

Step by step illustrated guide to importing and geo-locating photos using QGIS and ExifTool here

Using DTM data in QGIS, workshop notes by Rebecca Bennett (uses earlier version of QGIS): here, here and here

Useful article on methods for rendering fine details from DTM here

The Relief Visual Toolbox referred to in the above document is here and its manual here.

DTM in woods - discovery of a previously unknown Herefordshire Iron Age fort click link

DTM for identifying historic Herefordshire water meadows click link

   Small leaved lime, Priors Wood, Ewyas Harold

The Herefordshire AWIR report here and see links to sequences below

Presentation to the national AWI seminar at Peterborough 12th February 2014 here [55 Mbytes]

All England current AWI data set download from here

1953 Herefordshire census of woods compartment survey data 1953 census data

Herefordshire woodland census files: These are 10km x 10km tiles in ecw format which cover the county as a seamless layer within GIS

1953 census of woods compartment map ecw tiles (10km x 10km ) zipped [121 Mbytes]

To associate census data to particular woods in GIS you need to import the old series OS 6 inch quadrant grid (eg 35NE)

Shapefile of these quadrants (attribute column ID for labels) to overlay the raster layers:

AWIR Image sequences which illustrate the uses of the AWIR + a number of issues and limitations, see above report for details

Whitney Wood sequence (example of editing of an original AWI polygon) here

Pregg Wood sequence here

Walterstone sequence here

Haywood sequence here

Norton sequence here

Canon Pyon sequence here

Tedstone Delamere sequence here

Queens Wood sequence here

Bowers and Blackstone Wood here

Point Wood and Yagtree Dingle here

Bryant's map of Herefordshire 1834, zoomable, sheets E and W here

Queries can be put to david[at]tilia[dot]org[dot]uk